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The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) presents the 17th annual “Wonders of Plastics” essay contest. Open to all

middle/junior high and high school students, the essay must be sponsored by a teacher and must meet certain

requirements (see Requirements for Submission, p 2).


Who may participate:

Any high school student from the Southern California Section of SPE is encouraged to participate. A particular

call is made for industry members that may know a high school student that may want to participate (son/

daughter, nephew, neighbor, etc.). The Southern California Section of SPE covers from San Luis Obispo in the

north, to the border in the south to the border with Arizona in the East.


Topics to consider:


The Southern California Section is requesting essays covering the realm of Green Plastics or how Plastics

Benefit Society. Example topics include but are not limited to:


•   Renewable Plastics    •   Plastics in Food Packaging    •   Biodegradable Plastics

•   Plastics Recycling    •   How Plastics Benefit Mankind    •   Medical Plastics

•   Advances in Plastics    •   How Plastics Save Energy    •   Your Own Plastics Topic


All essay submissions must be received at the SPE Section address, listed below, along with the entry form, by

the announced deadline.


In the past the awards have been $500 for first place, $250 for second place, and $100 for third place. The

students school receives a matching award as well.


Entry forms may be copied, but each essay must be attached to a form; essays will not be returned and become

the property of SPE. Essays may be co-authored.

Submit your Essay or questions to

SPE Southern California Section

Victor Okhuysen

3801 W. Temple Ave. Bldg 17-2635

Pomona, CA 91768

Tel: 909/869-2698



Entry must be postmarked by deadline of January 15, 2017!



George Epstein Scholarship Award

The George Epstein Scholarship Award was established in 1984 as a tribute to his many contributions  to plastics both commercially and educationally.  Since inception, the Southern California SPE Section has awarder over $33,000.00 in scholarships.  The award is open to student members or son/daughter, grandsons/granddaughters of a member in good standing of the Society of Plastics Engineers, Southern California Section.

Clint has been interested in pursuing a plastics career since he joined Cal Poly Pomona. In this vein he has distinguished himself in the materials and processes classes, particularly in the portions that dealt with plastics injection, tooling, thermoforming and materials. He augmented his plastics education by attending all the courses in the Plastics Engineering Technology Certificate at CPP taught by Vishu Shah. He also assisted Vishu in the revision of his Plastics Testing and Failure Analysis book. In his Manufacturing Engineering curriculum Clinton also learned how to implement lean processes and other manufacturing management topics in addition to project planning and technical aspects such as GD&T and CAD/CAM. For his Senior Capstone Project, he led a team that redesigned the product and process for a component that included insert molding and overmolding using moldflow and actually building two separate two cavity tools.


Clint is an SPE student member and has also attended many SPE events such as Technical Meetings and plant tours. He is recognized by many of the regulars. During college he worked at ISC Engineering for 4 years where he specialized in low production insert molding. He performed product design and development and improvement of manufacturing systems through lean implementation, kanban and related processes.


There is no question that Clint has resin instead of blood running through his veins and that he will be an asset to the plastics industry. He graduated on June 12, 2016 and will begin a new position with Prestige Mold. He plans to work towards a Project Management Professional certification.


He would like to thank his Mom and Dad as well as Lori Stark and Eric Grohsgal for all their support

during college. He would also like to thank the staff at ISC Engineering for the opportunities afforded to

him as well as the SPE Southern California Chapter for their welcoming spirit towards students.

For more information email -

Entry Deadline: May 31st

Awards are presented at the banquet following our Annual Golf Tournament for Plastics Education


Additional scholarships are available through The SPE Foundation Scholarship Program.

For more information click here.

Awardee: Clinton Stark


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