Southern California Section of the Society of Plastics Engineers

Promoting the scientific and engineering knowledge pertaining to plastics.

The objective of the Society is

" promote the scientific and engineering knowledge relating to plastics."


     Every day the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) helps people and companies in the plastics industry

succeed. How? By spreading knowledge , strengthening skills and promoting plastics. SPE is the only place where people from all parts of the industry can come together around important issues and technologies. SPE’s contribution to the plastics industry for over 60 years has made a significant difference to the technologies and innovations the industry enjoys today. In the process, we've developed a 15,000-member network of leading engineers, scientists and other plastics professionals, including technicians, salespeople, marketers, retailers and representatives from tertiary industries. Today, the industry is more interdependent than ever, and professional networks have taken on global dimensions. Such networks are almost impossible to develop and maintain in our fast-paced industry. Participation in SPE is a key success factor for those who want to thrive in today’s business environment.


     The Society of Plastics Engineers, Inc., was originally incorporated by the State

of Michigan on January 6, 1942 as the Society of Plastics Sales Engineers. At the time

there were 120 members in good standing. On August 21, 1942, the name was officially

changed to the Society of Plastics Engineers, Inc. SPE has become the recognized

medium of communication amongst scientists and engineers engaged in the development,

conversion and applications of plastics. It is truly an international Society since a significant

number of its members reside outside the United States.


     Operations of SPE are carried on by a staff headed by an Executive Director, employed by the Executive Committee, who is the business manager of the Society.


     The governing body of the Society is the Council, consisting of the Officers and Representatives elected by members affiliated with the respective Sections and Divisions. The Officers of the Society are the President, President-elect, Senior Vice President, nine Vice Presidents, the Past President, the Prior Past President and the Executive Director. The Officers (with the exception of the Executive Director) are elected annually for one year terms by the Council.


     The Council meets four times annually to establish policy, elect Officers and adopt a program of activities. The Executive Committee meets more frequently to review the program of activities and to direct operations. In addition, the Executive Committee meets at least once prior to each Council meeting to coordinate policy recommendations for submission to Council.


By becoming a member of SPE, you become part of

the world's most expanded society for plastics

professionals. With people connections in 84 countries

around the world and a contact database of over 15000

members.  That's just the beginning....

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